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Open-type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

A Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


3000*1500mm (optional)
Processing area

Laser power

Complex-axis running speed

Max. acc. speed

Positioning accuracy

Reposition accuracy

Whole machine weight

Machine dimensions

Standard Configuration

  • Laser Head : Raytools Manual focus
  • Servo Motor : Fuji Japan
  • Servo driver : Fuji Japan
  • Slideway : Hiwin TAIWAN
  • Rack : YYC TAIWAN
  • Gear :YYC TAIWAN
  • Reducer : Shimpo Japan
  • Control system : Cypcut FSCUT 1000
  • Proportional valve : Japan SMC
  • Electrical : France Schneider

The RAS-3015A is popular with small, start up users due to its open structure, easy operation and high cost performance. Customizable size: 4m×1.5m, 4m×2m, 6m×2m.

Plate Welded Bed Machine body

The metal body on this cutter has undergone a 600°C heat treatment, and is cooled inside the furnace for 24 hours. After this is complete, it is processed using a plano-milling machine and welded using carbon dioxide. This ensures it has a high strength and a 20 year service life.

Cypcut FSCUT 1000 Control System

High-speed transmission, higer cutting accuracy; independent innovation and research and development, stable and flexible operation;

Raytools laser head

  • High Performance/Cost:The opt and affordable designed for low-mid power level laser cutting machine of 1500W and below.
  • High Adaptability:With QBH, QCS and other types of optical fiber interfaces, it can be adapted to various mainstream laser devices.
  • Excellent Design:Optimized optical configuration, smooth and efficient air flow design significantly improve cutting quality and efficiency.
  • Rugged Structure:Light weight and compact size, reduce the payload requirement of the machine and improve the cutting speed and quality.

Fuji Servo Motor

The electric and drive systems provided by Japan Fuji offer customers a faster rotation speed and better stability.


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