Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
since 1988 singapore

Flash Positioning

1-3s to complete edge searching and positioning, 6 times as fast as capacitance edge searching.

Ultimate Precision

Apply smart sensor system to achieve ±1.0mm comprehensive positioning precision and 0.1mm max cutting precision, improving both material usage rate and product passing rate.

Safety and Reliability

Use digital processing to avoid the risk of probing collision of the following module, guaranteeing the safety.

High Applicability

Widen the application situations, suitable for not only standard rectangle sheets but multiple sheet shapes.

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Every worker is professionally trained and has a good understanding of the assembly process of fiber laser cutting machines.

Linear guide inspection

The straightness of the linear guide of each laser cutting machine is tested by professional equipment.

Laser interferometer

Every laser cutting machine is inspected by laser interferometer to ensure that every qualified product leaves the factory.

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Lightning Fast

Respond to customers’ needs and intentions at the first time, and provide customers with professional technical guidance.

Stable delivery

We ensure that each user’s order can be completed within the scheduled delivery time to ensure that the customer’s interests are maximized.

Expert Staff

We provide professional technical support for each customer, so that customers can master and use each device.

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