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High Power Laser Cutting Machine



Processing area

Laser power

Complex-axis running speed17

Max. acc. speed

Positioning accuracy

Reposition accuracy

Whole machine weight

Machine dimensions

Standard Configuration

  • Laser Head : Gemany Precitec
  • Servo Motor : Germany Rexroth
  • Servo driver : Germany Rexroth
  • Slideway : Germany Rexroth
  • Rack :  Germany Atlanta
  • Gear : Germany Atlanta
  • Reducer : Germany STOBER
  • Control system : Germany Beckhoff
  • Proportional valve : Japan SMC
  • Electrical : France Schneider
  • Nesting software : UK RAAN

Intelligent control system

  • WIFI wireless control
  • Multistation automatic nozzle changer(8 work stations)
  • Nozzle automatic calibration function
  • Nozzle automatic cleaning function
  • Process monitoring
  • One-key processing function
  • Laser cutting technology database

Patented Cornerstone Machine Bed

Independent R&D of cornerstone machine bed, stable and thick structure, high-speed operation without vibration;
The industry’s only standard military material 16mm thick manganese steel fireproof plate, effective protection of the bed, impact

Dual-drive Interchangeable Table

Driven by dual motors, the exchange speed is stable and fast; the independent motion of the two table is unrelated, the accuracy is not affected by each other, and the slag removal is more convenient; with the positioning of the double cone pin, it is exchanged in one step and perfectly accurate.

Innovative Modular Workbench, Conenient and Safe

Easy to disassemble, without hindering production, efficient and time-saving, safe maintenance

Partitioning blowing dust remove system

The designs of small grid partitioning blowing, rotating butterfly valve type damper and large-diameter exhaust duct to achieve good ventilation and almost completely smoke-free effect. The opening and closing process during the movement of the machine tool is almost free of any noise.

Positive Pressure Protection, Environmental Friendly, No Return Smoke

Positive air pressure into the machine at the top and strong suction at the bottom, smoke is removed quickly, eco-friendly without polution.

Sigmanest Nesting System

One-button nesting, savvy and material saving.
The professional Sigmanest nesting system realizes one-button nesting, which is convenient and quick and saves materials savvier.

Low Pressure Air Cutting Technology

Adopting low pressure air cutting technology, cutting speed is 3 times of oxygen cutting;
Compared with ordinary air cutting, it does not need high pressure air compressor, which reduces energy consumption by 50%.

Imported High-power Auto-focus Cutting Head

German Precitec high-power cutting head, automatically adjusted focus point, suitable for a variety of focal lengths; Piercing well with flexible cutting, high-speed leapfrog, high cutting efficiency. Status real-time monitoring and intelligent advanced fault warning;

Manganese zinc plate protection

The area in the entire machine tool where the laser can shoot at is all covered and protected by 20mm thick Manganese zinc sheet.

BECKHOFF Twincat CNC System

KRRASSLASER uses a CNC system from BECKHOFF Twincat-2000 which save raw materials and increase the processing efficiency.


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