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1000W fiber laser cutting machine

Disscussion | Why 1000W fiber laser cutting machine has become a hot spot for customers to buy

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Hot Topic | Why so many costomers choose 1000W fiber laser cutting machine?


Quotation of 1000W fiber laser cutting machine becomes a hot spot


1000W fiber laser cutting machine
1000W fiber laser cutting machine


Nowadays, in order to improve the competitive power, many metal processing enterprises begin to replace new processing equipment. So, what kind of processing equipment is more suitable for processing enterprises? Here, 1000W fiber laser cutting machine is absolutely a device that can not be missed! But why do you say that? Let’s introduce the advantages of 1000W fiber laser cutting machine.


The most important and significant advantage of fiber cutting technology should be its energy efficiency. With the integrated solid-state digital module and single design of fiber laser, the electro-optic conversion efficiency of fiber laser cutting system is higher than that of CO2 laser cutting. For each power unit of carbon dioxide cutting system, the actual utilization rate is about 8% to 10%. For the fiber laser cutting system, users can expect higher power efficiency, about 25% to 30%. In other words, the overall energy consumption of the optical fiber cutting system is about three to five times less than that of the carbon dioxide cutting system, which improves the energy efficiency to more than 86%.



Fiber laser has the characteristics of short wavelength, which improves the absorption of cutting materials to light beam, and enables cutting materials such as brass and copper and non-conductive materials. A more focused beam produces a smaller focus and a deeper depth of focus, so that the fiber laser can quickly cut thinner materials and more effectively cut medium thickness materials. The cutting speed of 1.5KW fiber laser cutting system is equivalent to that of 3KW carbon dioxide laser cutting system when cutting materials with a thickness of 6mm. Because the operating cost of optical fiber cutting is lower than that of ordinary carbon dioxide cutting system, it can be understood that the increase of output and the reduction of commercial cost.


Advantages of 1000W fiber laser cutting machine


  • Excellent cutting performance

Because the fiber laser cutting machine has excellent beam quality, small spot and continuous light, the cutting line is thinner, the efficiency is higher, and the processing quality is better.

Low processing cost.

The photoelectric conversion rate of fiber laser cutting machine can reach about 30%, which is 3 times of CO2 laser cutting machine and 10 times of YAG solid laser cutting machine. The energy consumption is only 20-30% of the carbon dioxide laser cutting machine. In addition, maintenance costs are low, and no reflective lens is required. The consumption of consumables is far less than YAG.


  • Long service life

The optical fiber laser cutting machine adopts imported laser, which is very stable performance, and its service life can reach 10W hours.


  • Wide range of applications

The 1000w fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of wide application range, flexible process, high processing accuracy, good quality, clean production process, and easy to realize automation, flexibility, intelligence, and improve product quality and labor productivity.


1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine from China
1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


  • Suitable for cutting almost all metals


Any graphics can be processed to achieve non-deformation cutting, processing flexibility is good, arbitrary graphics can be processed, and non-deformation cutting can be performed on any hardness materials such as pipes, profiles, steel plates, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plates, hard alloys, etc.


  • Easy to operate and long life


Convenient operation and maintenance, highly integrated system, convenient operation and maintenance, can meet the needs of 24-hour production, rack and guide rail adopt fully sealed protection and automatic lubrication device, improve the service life of transmission parts, ensure the cutting accuracy of machine tool, and the equipment is equipped with laser protective glass , Effectively reduce the damage to the human body when the equipment is cutting.


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