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19 common faults and solutions of fiber laser cutting machine

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19 common faults and solutions of fiber laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine has become more and more popular in the process of metal processing and manufacturing. Pay attention to maintenance during use. When there is a problem, master the following maintenance methods to get rid of the disease.

1. When working, a complete curve jumps over a short distance without cutting, also known as light jumping?

This kind of problem is generally caused by the looseness of the slider of the cart under the condition of long-term high-speed operation. It can be solved by adjusting the sliders on both sides of the cart.

2. When working, some parts of the same version are constantly cut and some parts are cut off?

This kind of problem is generally caused by light deviation or uneven work surface, which requires dimming and flat surface adjustment. Sometimes the light deviation is caused by the deformation of the guide rail, and sometimes the guide rail needs to be adjusted.

3. When cutting, the two ends sometimes cut into each other and sometimes separate?

This problem is generally that the fixing screw of the synchronous wheel is loose or there is a problem with the motor cable. If there is a problem with the motor cable, the solution is to replace all of them in one group, do not replace one or two separately.

4. Is the chiller easy to alarm for high temperature in summer?

This problem is generally that the weather is too hot, the chiller does not dissipate heat well, or the cooling capacity is not enough. Self-chillers will not have the problem of insufficient cooling capacity. Generally, the heat sink is too dirty and the ventilation part is too good to cause an alarm. Small chillers generally do not have enough cooling capacity, so the temperature difference can be increased, and the alarm temperature can be appropriately increased to solve the problem.

5. When the light is emitted, the light is not emitted?

First turn on the signal temperature is unstable, including the light signal and the chiller signal, and then check whether the potentiometer has a bad contact, and check whether the power supply is broken.

6. ​​The car does not return to the original point after starting up, and cannot move?

This problem is generally that the car motor is not powered on, and the laser head can easily be pushed by hand when it is turned on. The cause of the failure is that the 48V switch power supply is broken or self-protected. You can turn it off after ten minutes and then turn it on again, and then change to the 48V switching power supply before it is ready.

7. After a few minutes of cutting, the light from the laser tube becomes very weak?

There are generally three possibilities for this problem. There is a problem with the power supply, the laser tube is broken, and the laser tube’s light frequency in the software is wrong.

8. When the cart is moving, it often shakes violently?

This problem is generally the servo limit line or limit problem, which can be solved by changing the line or limit.

9. Two laser heads move randomly?

Generally, the board card is broken and the signal given is incorrect.

10. Sometimes it is required that the two versions of graphics can be connected, but cannot be connected when cut out?

This problem is caused by the non-parallelism of the feeding drive shaft and the aluminum pass of the trolley. The cart cannot be adjusted. The problem can only be solved by adjusting the feeding drive shaft.

11. There are serrations in cutting?

The unsealed slider is loose, broken, the belt is loose, the belt synchronization wheel is eccentric, the curvature value is too large, the corner speed is fast, and the lens is not tight

12. The laser tube’s power is unstable and it starts to engrave very well. After a few days, the engraving depth is different

Laser tube and power supply are unstable

13, no light,?

Water level switch leaks

14. The laser power source is on fire?

The welding place is not connected well, the silicone is not coated, and the high-voltage line touches the iron

15, keep going?

Light deviation, dirty lens, loose lens, wrong focal length, laser tube power decline

16. The machine can’t be turned on?

Emergency stop, external power supply, contactor

17, XY axis does not move?

The drive is broken, the motor cable. The connector is broken, the belt synchronization wheel is loose, and the 42V switching power supply is broken

18. The display panel does not light up?

The 24V power supply is broken, and the board and display panel connection line is broken

19. The cutting effect is not good?

When cutting, the surrounding yellow light is not correct, and the blowing is small

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