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How to use 1kw fiber laser cutting machine to cut round hole?

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How to use 1kw fiber laser cutting machine to cut round hole?


The advantages of 1kw fiber laser cutting machine has flexibility and efficiency, conventional round hole cutting is used in it. Cutting products not only smooth section, processing aperture can also be flexibly changed to meet the diverse needs of the factory.

Laser cutting is the production method adopted by most manufacturers for the hardware parts of manipulator. It can be completed efficiently. The cutting of aluminum plate and stainless steel plate of manipulator can improve the efficiency and save the cost for the production of products. Because if the sheet metal parts of manipulator are made by metal stamping, the mold cost will be very high, and the equipment required for large-scale metal stamping is also different, This kind of manufacturing costs a lot.

It also needs some skills to use laser cutting machine to process round hole.

1. The blowing pressure is not suitable

In the process of blowing, when the air pressure is too low, there will be slag hanging and carbonization at the edge, and if the pressure is too high, it is easy to burst the hole. Therefore, the process proofer and the machine are required to cooperate perfectly. With experience to choose the right air pressure, so that the cutting round hole more full.

2. The round hole is too small

The best scheme for laser cutting machine to cut round hole is that the ratio of round hole is 1:1, that is to say, the ratio of hole diameter and plate thickness is 1:1. That is to say, the larger the hole diameter is, the easier it is to cut high-quality round hole. Otherwise, when the energy of the fiber laser cutting machine is insufficient, the cutting hole is easy to break and the round hole is not round.

3. Parameter error of servo motor

Sometimes ellipse or irregular phenomenon appears in the circular hole, which is related to the mismatching of x-axis and y-axis motion. The direct reason for the mismatching of x-axis and y-axis motion is that the servo motor parameter adjustment is not suitable. Therefore, the quality of cutting round hole also has certain requirements for servo motor.
Therefore, in the process of purchasing laser cutting machine, try to choose high-quality big brand products. The working principle of laser cutting machine is to directly vaporize the metal surface to achieve the purpose of cutting. In this way, there will be a lot of dust on the surface and inside of the cutting machine. We should often use the vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust, so as to ensure that the internal parts of the machine are spotless, so as to ensure the normal operation of the parts. Pay attention to the accuracy, speed and other parameters of laser cutting machine to see if they meet the standard requirements, so as to identify whether the quality of laser cutting machine is up to standard.

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