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2000W fiber laser cutting machine

Strategy | How to choose a suitable 2000W fiber laser cutting machine

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Strategy | How to choose a suitable 2000W fiber laser cutting machine


The 2000W fiber laser cutting machine is a widely used laser cutting machine on the market. It is generally used for metal processing and is widely used in engineering machinery, automobile and ship, locomotive sheet metal cutting, aerospace, pressure vessel, military, metallurgical steel rolling and other industries. “Made in China 2025” is a major strategic deployment made by the Chinese government under the general trend of international industrial change. It has transformed from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing country, and my country’s laser cutting machine industry is also transforming from a large country to a powerful country. Laser cutting machines have become the focus of my country’s future development.



We all know that the higher the power of the laser cutting machine, the stronger the cutting ability. The 2000 watt fiber laser cutting machine can cut 16mm thick carbon steel plates and 8mm stainless steel plates. The 4000W fiber laser cutting machine can quickly cut sheet materials with good cutting edge quality. The 4000W laser processing 10mm thick stainless steel is about twice as fast as the 2000W laser processing. For thick plate cutting, high-power laser cutting machines perform better. For example, 4000W fiber laser cutting machine can process carbon steel up to 20mm thick.


In the actual application process, the cutting capacity of the 2000 watt fiber laser cutting machine can basically meet the general processing needs. Its cutting capacity is also related to various factors such as auxiliary gas, laser machine configuration, cutting environment, cutting speed, etc. There is no absolute standard to judge its cutting thickness.


When purchasing a 2000W fiber laser cutting machine, you must know more about it and compare it. On-site inspection is an indispensable process. Don’t trust the text data of major manufacturers. Because some informal manufacturers, the parameters of the product display are one thing, and the cutting effect from the actual performance of the cutting effect is another. It is best to take your own board to make a sample to see if the actual cutting effect can meet the requirements, or go directly to the factory to inspect and conduct a comprehensive evaluation.

There are many brand manufacturers of 2000W fiber laser cutting machine. Generally, major brands will launch related products. The inspection should be conducted from the following aspects:

Laser cutting technology
Laser cutting technology



1. Laser

Most use imported lasers. Because foreign research and development are earlier, related technologies are more mature, and the quality of lasers is relatively stable, but the price is also higher.

2. Software system

The software system is provided by the laser cutting machine manufacturer, and large companies will have a professional technical department to develop and update the CUT software. Its advantages are self-evident, and it is better compatible with the hardware and perfect matching Together, you can maximize the functionality.


3. Accessories and consumables

The core of the laser cutting machine is also the laser. Occasionally, optical isolators, xenon lamps, mechanical consoles, and some water-cooled equipment are also considered. The accessories for optical equipment include half mirrors,
Total mirror, refractor, etc.

IPG laser
IPG laser


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