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2000w fiber laser cutting machine

Machine Stock | China 2000W fiber laser cutting machine supplier

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Machine Stock | China 2000W fiber laser cutting machine supplier


2000W fiber laser cutting machine, as a low-to-medium power cutting machine, is widely used in machining, mechanical manufacturing, sheet metal, precision manufacturing and other industries.


The CNC 2000W fiber laser cutting machine produced by KRASS is low-cost, good-quality, capable of cutting stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal materials.Now let me briefly introduce this machine.


2000w fiber laser cutting machine
2000w fiber laser cutting machine


Main features:


1. High cutting speed: 2000w fiber laser cutting machine adopts German IPG fiber laser light source (optional), and the cutting speed can reach 15 meters/minute;

2. High cutting precision: 2000w fiber laser cutting machine adopts Japanese Panasonic servo motor, double ball screw drive, precision linear guide structure. Compared with the single-drive system, the fiber laser cutting system has higher accuracy. The cutting clearance of 0.05mm is suitable for high-efficiency precision machining;

3. Automatic feeding design: saving time for loading and unloading, the steel metal cutting machine can automatically load and unload during the cutting process, providing more than 30% of the overall work efficiency;

4. Low maintenance cost: The metal cutting machine adopts optical fiber transmission, no reflector, no need to adjust the light path, zero maintenance of the core key components, and stable use; it can cut various metal plates with air and consume 0.5-0.5 hours of electricity. 5 degrees;

5. Not limited by processing graphics: professional CNC system, non-contact flexible processing, not affected by the processing appearance and the surface of the sheet, the high-power cutting laser machine can process any graphics.





1. Applicable materials: 2000w fiber laser cutting machine can cut various metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, various alloy steels, copper, aluminum, titanium, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, pickling plate, galvanized sheet and galvanized sheet aluminum.

2. Applicable industries: 2000w fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in chassis cabinets, agricultural machinery, advertising production, kitchen and bathroom, sheet metal processing, environmental protection equipment, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, metal crafts, hardware products, elevator equipment and other industries.



Technical parameters:



Laser Power

2000 watt

Laser Type

Fiber Laser

Laser Technology

Germany Technology

Working Area


X axis Stroke


Y axis Stroke


Z axis Stroke


Max. Cutting Thickness

15-20 mm

Transmission Method

Ball Screw Transmission

Table-driven system

Japanese Panasonic/ Yaskawa
servo motor & driver

Focus Method

Following and Automatic
Adjust Focus

Location precision


Re-location precision


Max. moving speed


Supporting Format


Power demand


Worktable max. load

1000 Kgs

Control Method

Offline Movement Control

Control software

Perfect Laser Professional Laser Cutting Software


































Samples display:


Samples display
Samples display


Nanjing KRRASS CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.  is a cooperative company with Singapore’s KRRAS, which is dedicated to development, production and sales of sheet metal equipment with over 200 years of history.KRRAS was formerly known as GMS and so far has set up branches in China, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Thailand and Malaysia to sell products and provide services throughout the world.The CNC fiber laser cutting machine sold by KRRASS is high quaility and affordable,any interesting,please free contact us!


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KRRASS Macheniry
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