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2000W fiber laser cutting machine

KRRASS | 2000W fiber laser cutting machine | 500 sets per year

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KRRASS | 2000W fiber laser cutting machine | 500 sets per year


The open fiber laser cutting machine series models adopt professional laser cutting software, which is easy to learn. According to different process applications, there are four cutting formats of 2000*4000mm, 1500*4000mm, 3000*1500mm, 2000*6000mm to choose from.


2000W fiber laser cutting machine-Integrating many functions into one, creating more value for customers


2000W fiber laser cutting machine
2000W fiber laser cutting machine


Eight main features and advantages:


  • Using gantry double rack and pinion, double servo motor transmission structure, high inertia and large moment output, the maximum acceleration can reach 1.0G, effectively improving the production efficiency of customers;


  • Using imported large-scale gantry machine tools, using high-strength square tube welding technology, the geometric accuracy of the machine tool is within 0.03mm, which has high accuracy and stability;


  • The beam is made of drawn aluminum profile finishing process, with light weight, high rigidity and good dynamic performance;


  • The laser electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, reaching more than 30%, which can greatly save power consumption and achieve very high production efficiency;


  • Equipped with automatic focusing function, the perforation time is reduced by 80% compared with ordinary cutting heads, and the perfect cutting process database makes the operation more intelligent and convenient;


  • Parabolic motion is adopted between the cutting contours of the cutting head, and the contour switching process automatically realizes “leapfrogging”, which greatly improves the cutting efficiency;


  • With function testing, automatic diagnosis, fault isolation, fault analysis and data display system, fast troubleshooting can effectively reduce the cost of after-sales service;


  • Professional programming nesting software, highly compatible with the cutting system, with graphics nesting, automatic edge seeking and sharp corner smoothing processing functions, can achieve high-speed blasting perforation and fast array scanning cutting functions.


Process application:


  • Carbon steel cutting

  • Metal word laser cutting

  • Metal craft cutting

  • Advertising light box cutting


Technical parameters:


Laser power (W)1000-3000W
Working area (mm)1500×30001500×40002000×40002000×6000
Dimensions (mm)4700×2250×18005800×2250×18005900×2750×18008100×2900×1800
Machine weight (Kg)30004000  45005500
Positioning accuracy (mm)±0.03/1000
Repeat positioning accuracy (mm)±0.02/1000
Maximum speed (m/min)6080
equipment power6810
power supplyThree phase 380V/50Hz/60Hz
working environment Temperature: 0~ 45°C Humidity: ≤80% non-condensing


Quality assurance, Value creation


Every set of KRRASS machinery requires strict inspections at all levels in the raw materials, manufacturing, warehousing, and other links, and standardizes quality inspection requirements to reduce failure rates! Only when we strive for perfection, can you choose us without any worries.


KRRASS Macheniry
KRRASS Macheniry
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