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3000W fiber laser cutting machine

China 3000W fiber laser cutting machine latest price | KRRASS

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China 3000W fiber laser cutting machine latest price | KRRASS


Fiber laser cutting machines have been used in thousands of industries and have become an irreplaceable part of some industries, helping companies complete some industrial upgrading and transformation, and because of their environmental protection, high efficiency, and meeting many requirements, they quickly occupy medium and high power lasers. Cutting the market.


3000W fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of high-power laser cutting machine, the configuration, format, etc. different laser cutting machines offer different prices.


3000W fiber laser cutting machine is KRRASS’s main advantage product, mainly used for cutting and processing metal materials such as carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy, etc. It has fast running speed, high forming accuracy, high power conversion efficiency, good product quality and low price specialty.


3000W fiber laser cutting machine
3000W fiber laser cutting machine


Laser generator:
Domestic Raycus fiber laser generator
Laser power:
Cutting stroke (mm):
Cutting speed:
Power consumption of the whole machine:
Electricity demand:
Land size:




◆Reduce processing cost, low power consumption, high power conversion rate, low power consumption, no consumables for cutting various metal sheets, and the cost is about 10-20 yuan per hour;
◆Fast cutting speed, high efficiency, cutting sheet up to 6 meters per minute
◆The spot quality is good, the deformation is small, the appearance is smooth and beautiful.
◆Imported servo motor and oriented transmission mechanism are adopted, and the cutting precision is high.
◆Using professional software, you can design various graphics or texts for instant processing, flexible processing, simple and convenient operation.
◆High stability, using Raycus fiber laser, stable performance, service life of key components up to 100,000 hours, and maintenance-free laser.
◆Extremely low maintenance cost, no laser working gas; optical fiber transmission, no need for reflective lenses, which can save a lot of maintenance costs.
◆The product is easy to operate and maintain, optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust the optical path.


Cutting sample display:

Cutting sample display
Cutting sample display


To buy fiber laser cutting machine, choose KRRASS. We have been engaged in laser cutting machine R&D and production for 11 years, serving more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and getting laser cutting machine quotations. Welcome to visit the factory, we will provide you with the most competitive The price and service.

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