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How thick can the 3000W fiber laser cutting machine cut?

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How thick can the 3000W fiber laser cutting machine cut?


Metal laser cutting machines have been used in thousands of industries and have become an irreplaceable part of some industries, helping companies to complete some industrial upgrading and transformation, and because of their environmental protection, high efficiency, and meeting many requirements, they quickly occupy medium and high power lasers. Cutting the market.


3000W laser cutting machine


Laser co-edge cutting means that if the parts to be cut are adjacent, the outline is straight, and the angle is the same, then they can be combined into a straight line. At this time, the laser device only needs to cut once to achieve the purpose (the part is not required) The shape is rectangular). The laser coedge cutting process can reduce the cutting length, significantly improve the processing efficiency, not only save the cutting time, but also reduce the number of perforations, the benefit is very obvious.



With the continuous renewal and development of laser technology, more and more laser processes have been developed and put into practical applications to realize the combination of equipment and technology and complete the intelligent upgrade of the processing industry.

KRRASS metal fiber laser cutting machine optimizes the use of lasers through the laser network to achieve low-cost, high-efficiency, and high-quality sheet metal opening and cutting effects.


Has the following processing capabilities:


Thick sheet metal and thin sheet metal are processed by different lasers, which realizes high-speed processing of thin sheet metal and improves the processing accuracy of thick sheet metal.

It has a wide range of applications. The main materials that can be cut are steel, stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals (brass and copper). The thickness of the sheet metal is from 0.5 to 20 mm.

Possess a large-scale processing platform with a maximum plate size of 12×4 meters;

Precise laser control technology ensures the best processing accuracy, controlled at ±0.05mm/m, which can achieve high-quality stable production and optimized cutting;

Carbon steel: 0.5~20mm, stainless steel: 0.5~10mm, aluminum: 0.5~6mm, copper: 0.5~6mm;

Automobile industry, transportation manufacturing, textile machinery manufacturing, agricultural machinery manufacturing, instrumentation manufacturing, electrical machinery industry, electronics industry, precision engineering, medical technology, etc.


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Sample presentation

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