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3000W Fiber laser cutting machine Optimal cutting speed

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3000W Fiber laser cutting machine Optimal cutting speed


In our usual process of using the 3000w fiber laser cutting machine, its speed can be adjusted, but how can we choose the most suitable speed?

Flame cutting is the main method of gas cutting. The balance between cutting speed and cutting accuracy needs to fully consider factors such as the thickness of the cutting material and the pressure of the cutting gas. Generally speaking, the faster the cutting speed, the greater the accuracy error of piercing and cutting; and vice versa. This is a balanced consideration in many industrial production and scientific research activities, such as the speed and control of vehicles, the energy consumption and efficiency of electrical appliances, etc. The same is true in the field of flame cutting processing.
There are many similar trade-offs, the most prominent of which is the balance between the cutting speed and cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine.

The operating speed of the 3000w fiber laser cutting machine needs to be adjusted in time according to the specific conditions of the cutting. For the laser cutting machine, the speed of different types of cutting nozzles will be different according to the difference in processing thickness and the difference in cutting gas. The cutting speed is only See, too fast or too slow speed is inappropriate. Because a too fast cutting speed will cause quality defects such as depressions and slagging on the cutting section, and severely may cause the cutting end; a too slow cutting speed will cause the upper edge of the incision to melt and collapse, the lower edge will be rounded, and the cutting section will be undercut. There are water-washed deep groove pits and so on in half. This makes it difficult for many companies to set the cutting speed accurately when they first contact the laser cutting machine to achieve the best cutting effect.

On the other hand, from the perspective of the advantages of the laser cutting machine itself, since the relevant cutting parameters are pre-set, the adjustment during the cutting process is much simpler than traditional gas cutting. The specific operation is that the speed setting of the laser cutting machine is set before cutting. The user can observe the characteristics of the slag sprayed from the incision through a small-format trial cutting, and then adjust to a suitable cutting speed to complete all cutting work.

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