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How thick can the 4000W fiber laser cutting machine cut aluminum sheets

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How thick can the 4000W fiber laser cutting machine cut aluminum sheets

Fiber laser cutting machines are more and more widely used in many industries, such as sheet metal, kitchenware, refrigeration equipment, and automobile manufacturing. However, when purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine, the purchaser is more confused. What are the parameters of the fiber laser cutting machine? What kind of material, how much power, and how thick can it be cut? What is the cutting cost? Next, KRRASS laser will give you a brief introduction, how thick aluminum plate can be cut by 4000W fiber laser cutting machine.

With the continuous development of laser technology, the cutting thickness of laser cutting machines is constantly breaking through. The target of 4000W laser cutting machine includes stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum plate, copper and brass and other metal materials. How thick can the 4000W fiber laser cutting machine cut aluminum sheets?

KRRASS 4000W fiber laser cutting machine aluminum plate cutting thickness: 14mm.

In the actual application process, the cutting ability of the fiber laser cutting machine is also related to the cutting environment, cutting speed and other factors. The use of auxiliary gas can also improve the cutting ability, so there is no absolute standard to judge its cutting thickness.

4000w laser

(1) Product features:

High-end configuration: core components are equipped with first-line brands such as Germany and France; Beckhoff’s 3rd generation CNC system is easy to operate and can provide real-time feedback on processing status to ensure orderly processing

High reliability: Tianhong Laser rebuilds the CNC system platform, which is stable and reliable; imported lasers have longer service life, more stable and reliable

High machine stability: The gantry adopts T6 aviation aluminum alloy integral extruded beam, which has light weight and good dynamic response; X&Y axis adopts precision helical gear transmission, which effectively guarantees stable cutting accuracy

High degree of intelligence: Fully automatic components are configured to the greatest extent, and a centralized process database reduces manual intervention to the machine and guarantees personnel safety to the greatest extent.

(2) Maximum processing plate thickness

Processing plate4000W6000W8000W10000W15000W
Carbon steel25mm25mm25mm35mm45mm
stainless steel16mm25mm30mm45mm50mm
Aluminum plate14mm20mm30mm45mm50mm
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