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Excellent pre-sales and after-sales services provided by China metal laser cutting machine manufacturers

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Excellent pre-sales and after-sales services provided by China metal laser cutter manufacturers


When customers buy fiber laser cutters,such as 5kw metal laser cutter,they must consider the manufacturer’s pre-sales and after-sales services. A responsible laser cutting steel sheet machine manufacturer will provide customers with satisfactory pre-sales and after-sales services.



1. Pre-sale service:

Usually, customers who need to buy metal laser cutter ,for example ,5kw metal laser cutter,they will learn about metal laser cut machine through online or offline methods before purchasing the machine. Offline field inspections can actually see the machine and have a more intuitive experience. The cutting quality of the laser cut steel machine can also allow manufacturers to answer their doubts about purchasing the machine and recommend the corresponding model. Customers can also search for websites that sell laser cutting machines for metal on the Internet. All models produced by the manufacturer will be placed on their own websites. You can quickly see machines with different models and functions, which is more time-saving than offline inspections. , More convenient, the manufacturer will have online customer service during working hours to respond to customer inquiries at any time. If the customer needs it, the manufacturer will also mail professional mechanical data or samples to the customer, so that customers can be exposed to the most cutting-edge product knowledge, and professional sales consultants will answer professional questions. Online manufacturers also welcome customers at any time. Factory site visits, and provide free sample cutting services.


Costomers visit KRRASS factory-metal sheet euipment manufacture
Costomers visit KRRASS factory-metal sheet euipment manufacture

2. In-sale service:

Compared with pre-sales, manufacturers are more enthusiastic about customers in the sale stage. These customers have basically reached cooperation intentions, and the questions they consult are more professional. Manufacturers will also find professional sales consultants to receive customers, regardless of the order amount. Manufacturers will treat it fairly and make customers happy and satisfied. The service content will also be more professional. For some users who are new to the laser machine that can cut metal industry, they will be given professional training on the operation of the machine, because some parts of the cutting machine for metal sheet are shipped separately, not the whole machine. In the hands of the customer, the manufacturer will also provide on-site installation services if the customer has a demand.



3. After-sale Service:

● KRRASS Laser will provide the following after-sales services to customers who purchase sheet metal laser cutters

● 2 years guarantee of the whole machine, we will provide replacement or repair service when you need it.

● Software is on an update for a free whole life.

● English manual and CD video for machine using and maintaining will send to you with the machine.

● Our engineer can offer technical support in your country if necessary, or get a train in our factory for free.

● 7*24h online technical support via Skype, Email, WhatsApp, Phone, Team Viewer, even on weekend even on vacation.


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