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6000W Laser Cutting Machine 4000X2000

6000KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Main configuration:

  • Laser Head:Procutter ,Automatic focusing function of laser head,Multi-staqe perforation technology,smooth cutting technology,anti-slag protection function of double cyclones
  • Slideway:Germany Rexroth
  • Rack:Germany Atlanta
  • Reducer:Germany STOBER
  • Cutting system:BECKHOFF

4000W Laser Cutting


Main uses of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine:

Stainless steel, ordinary steel plate, copper, aluminum, material cutting and marking, in the metalworking industry in the most demanding machines.

Principle of  fiber laser cutting machine:

Machines with fiber lasers are small in size, laser light sources and cooling systems are smaller, and there is no laser gas line and no need to adjust lenses. Fiber laser light sources with 2kw or 3kw power require only 50% of the energy consumption of 4kw or 6kw CO2 laser light sources to achieve the same performance, faster, use less energy, and have less impact on the environment.
Fiber lasers use solid-state diodes to pump molecules in the two-layered fiber, and the excited emitted light passes through the fiber core several times, and then forms a laser output of the focus head that is cut by transmitting the fiber. Since all molecular collisions occur within the fiber, laser gas is not required, so the energy required is greatly reduced – about one-third of the CO2 laser. The less heat generated, the size of the cooler can be reduced accordingly. Overall, fiber lasers consume 70% less energy overall than CO2 lasers when the same performance is achieved.

Specification Parameters:

Max Cutting Size (mm)2000X4000
Max Height of The Workpiece (mm)90

Effective Travel

X Axis (mm)2005
Y Axis (mm)4005
Z Axis (mm)200

Positional Accuracy

X Axis (mm)±0.04
Y Axis (mm)±0.04
Z Axis (mm)±0.01

Repeated Positioning Accuracy

X Axis (mm)±0.03
Y Axis (mm)±0.03
Z Axis (mm)±0.005

Repid Positioning Speed

X Axis (m/min)80
Y Axis (m/min)80
Z Axis (m/min)30
Accelerated Sppeed (G)1.5
The Laser Power(W)4000W IPG
Level of ProtectionIP45
Total Weight(T)8.8
Boundary DimensionL×W×H(mm)12500x4400x1900
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