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Ultra power fiber laser cutting machine

Advantages and Characteristics of High-power Laser Cutting Machine

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Advantages and Characteristics of High-power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


The high-power laser cutting machine uses a fiber laser to output the laser beam and focus it on the surface of the workpiece to instantly melt and vaporize the area irradiated by the ultra-fine focus spot on the workpiece. Automatic cutting is realized by moving the spot irradiated by the numerical control mechanical system. It is a high-tech equipment integrating fiber laser technology, numerical control technology, and precision machinery technology.


At present, the high-power laser cutting machine is suitable for non-contact cutting, hollowing and punching of various metal plates and metal pipes. It is especially suitable for cutting metal materials such as stainless steel plates, carbon steel plates, galvanized plates, thin aluminum plates, thin copper plates, thin gold plates, and thin silver plates with a thickness of less than 40mm.

1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine from KRRASS,China
1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine from KRRASS,China

Features of high-power laser cutting machine

  1. The high-power cutting head is the core component to ensure stable cutting under high-power continuous operation, and has the following characteristics:

①The high-power cutting head has a cooling system with better sealing and cooling, a wider range of applications, and high temperature resistant lenses.

②Affected by the high-power thermal lens effect, the cutting head will have the phenomenon of focus drift in the light beam under long-term work. In order to overcome the problem of focus drift, the high-power cutting head adopts a new air circuit design structure and replaces it with a new one. Structure of the nozzle to improve the cutting speed and cutting stability.

  1. The efficiency of cutting medium and thin plates is doubled, and the thickness of cutting thick plates is continuously increasing.
  2. Lightning perforation: the perforation time is short, the thermal focus energy is small, the starting point is stable, and the stability of the follow-up system is maintained to ensure the best cutting effect.
diagram of high-power laser cutting
diagram of high-power laser cutting


Advantages of high-power fiber laser cutting machine

1.High speed

The laser cutting speed has exceeded 20m/min, the two-axis movement speed of the processing cutting machine can reach 250m/min, and the acceleration has reached about 10g during operation.

2.High precision

About ϕ10mm small holes in a 1mm thick plate can be cut about 500 per minute. The error between these small holes during the cutting process is very small.

3.Development towards thick plates

The power of the high-power laser cutting machine is gradually increasing, and the size of the thick plate to be cut is also increasing.

4.Development towards large size

The processing size range of laser cutting technology is also increasing, and laser cutting technology has begun to develop in the direction of large size.


Follow the pace of intelligent manufacturing in accordance with the technical requirements of Industry 4.0. Using accurate graphic recognition technology, simple operating procedures, and convenient human-machine intelligent interaction, the laser is combined with computer control, numerical control technology, optical system, high-precision and automatic positioning devices, etc., and the automatic nesting and cutting process database , Remote fault diagnosis, remote control, etc. are integrated to meet the needs of large-scale and complex parts processing.


When selecting high-power laser cutting equipment, enterprises need to carefully consider: in addition to cutting speed and accuracy, they must especially check the stability and consistency of full power continuous cutting, the speed matching ability of the machine tool, the advanced nature of the machine tool control and the accuracy life Wait. You cannot simply compare price factors like buying low-power laser cutting equipment. High power means high investment, and high investment contains high risks. When companies enter this high-return market, they must be aware of its risks. Make a choice after careful consideration.

Ultra power fiber laser cutting machine
Ultra power fiber laser cutting machine
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