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1000W fiber laser cutting machine

Is the cheap fiber laser cutting machine necessarily bad quality? Not necessarily…

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Is the cheap fiber laser cutting machine necessarily bad quality? Not necessarily…


Cheap but not good products seems to be regarded as the “truth”. Over time, it has gradually formed one of our common cognitions. Of course, this sentence is correct in general. The higher the price of fiber laser cutting machine, the better the equipment parts and performance, but this is not absolute. Why is the connection between expensive and good not absolute? So what are the factors that affect prices?


The price of a fiber laser cutting machine includes the purchase price of equipment parts, workers’ wages, business operating expenses, whether to engage in activities, the place of production, and brand premiums, etc. Any price fluctuations will affect the final quotation. So expensive is not absolute, it depends on the specific circumstances.


With the development of the entire industry and the rapid iteration of technology, the price of fiber laser cutting machines has dropped significantly compared to before. If you bought it a few years ago and bought it now, you may be surprised to say, is it so cheap. This is also a further illustration on the timeline that cheap may not necessarily mean good products.

Cheap fiber laser cutting machine
Cheap fiber laser cutting machine

Some low-power fiber laser cutting machines have moderate prices and performance, which are suitable for some small and medium-sized enterprises to meet their daily production and processing needs. When buying a cheap fiber laser cutting machine, you need to find a manufacturer to quote, but in fact, you can’t just look at the price. It is expensive or not, or if you insist that it is too cheap, it is definitely not good. It depends on whether it can help you create value and whether it meets your production needs. Comprehensive comparison, as long as the profit is higher, it is worth buying.

Such as KRRASS,a Chinese machinery of cutiing and bending machine,It not only produces cheap fiber laser cutting machine, but also sells higher price fiber laser cutting machine. The cheapest fiber laser cutting machine is as low as 15.5w RMB.It is a cost-effective fiber laser cutting machine。

The RAS series cheap fiber laser cutting machine adopts the cutting software developed by our factory, and the operation is flexible and convenient. The speed and the depth of cutting can be adjusted arbitrarily during work; the CM series laser machine adopts three-way six-balanced linear guide, even if the speed is very fast. Affect the effect of cutting and engraving; support U disk, realize full offline, improve production efficiency, and greatly save costs for customers. The superb design process can fully meet the high precision requirements of professional users for cutting and engraving effects. Especially suitable for industries such as clothing, leather, acrylic, cloth, trademarks, craft gifts, electronic appliances, architectural decoration, model making, etc.


Main features:


1. Friendly man-machine interface and convenient operation; continuous, fast curve cutting function and shortest processing path optimization, greatly improving work efficiency;

2. High cutting and engraving precision and fast speed. Design graphics at will through the computer, any curve can be cut quickly and continuously.

3. The X and Y axis adopt three imported linear guides, imported stepping motors and equipped with a deceleration drive structure. The cutting is very stable and the cutting surface is smooth.

4. High-strength, high-rigidity mechanical structure design, CNC movement is very stable.

5. Adopt American imported focusing lens and gold-plated silicon reflector, with thin spot and strong cutting power.

6. Equipped with protected industrial cooling water system, stable continuous working performance.

7. Full support for CAD, CORELDRAW, GERBER and other software, friendly man-machine interface and easy operation.

8. The system design is scientific, and the whole machine runs stably, which fully guarantees the accuracy and speed of equipment processing.

9. The WINDOWS operation interface can support graphic formats: BMP, GIF, JPGE, PCX, TGA, TIFF, PLT, DMG, DXF.

10. A wide range of processing materials, smooth cutting edges, no burrs, no polishing, no dust, no noise, high precision, high speed, and high efficiency.

11. Built-in lighting equipment in the working area; the upper cover can be lifted left and right to make maintenance easier; the front and rear doors can be opened to process long workpieces; easy-to-operate graphic control panel.

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