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1500W fiber laser cutting machine is better for 10mm carbon steel

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1500W fiber laser cutting machine is better for 10mm carbon steel

10mm carbon steel is generally a medium-thick metal sheet material. There are not many cutting machines that can cut such a thick. Generally, flame cutting and plasma cutting are the most commonly used on the market. However, the disadvantages of poor accuracy and many burrs have always been Criticized. So, what is a good way to cut 10mm carbon steel?

10mm thick carbon steel is certainly not satisfactory for traditional cutting methods, but it is really easy for laser cutting. Metal laser cutting machine has now become a necessary equipment for metal sheet cutting because of its strong cutting ability, high processing accuracy and fast speed. In addition, the metal laser cutting machine can also cut various complex graphics according to requirements to meet the needs of various industries.

Which laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting 10mm carbon steel?

So, which metal laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting 10mm carbon steel has always been a difficult choice for many people. Here, Wuhan High Energy Laser gives you an analysis and recommendation:

1.10mm carbon steel is relatively small, 1000W fiber laser cutting machine is more suitable processing equipment, although the processing speed of 10mm is slow, but from the perspective of economic benefits, 1000W fiber laser cutting machine has a fast return speed and relatively cheap price.

2. 10mm carbon steel is more, 2000W fiber laser cutting machine or disc laser cutting machine is more suitable. Although the price is relatively high, considering the production, the 2000W laser cutting machine has a fast processing speed and saves time.

2000w fiber laser cutting machine

RAS-3015 series 1000W fiber laser cutting machine is KRRASS company’s newly upgraded interchangeable working platform fiber laser cutting machine. The 7-second high-speed machine tool interchange speed greatly improves the efficiency of loading and unloading. In addition, the 1000W fiber laser cutting machine adopts high-energy original bilateral drive synchronous compensation technology, which guarantees high-speed operation and processing accuracy. The entire structure is fully enclosed, and the machine tool is also annealed and forged from square steel, which is strong and durable!

■Gantry structure, double-sided rack and pinion drive, cast aluminum beam, with stable structure, good rigidity, fast speed, and high cutting efficiency. For example, with 1KW fiber laser, the cutting speed of 1mm carbon steel can reach 15m/min.

■The world’s advanced level fiber laser has good stability and high photoelectric conversion efficiency; the world’s advanced numerical control system and servo motor, integrated Laser-Mark special laser cutting operating system; high-speed exchange workbench, dual workbench exchange at the same time, greatly improving production efficiency .

■Low maintenance, low energy consumption, low cost: optical fiber transmission, no need for reflective lenses, no need to adjust the external optical path, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, laser does not consume working gas.

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