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Tips | Antifreeze guide for fiber laser cutting machine in winter

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3 Tips | Antifreeze guide for fiber laser cutting machine in winter



The cold winter has arrived, and friends from all over the world have come to consult the antifreeze measures of lasers in winter. For this reason, KRRASS has prepared ultra-detailed laser protection in winter!


As the temperature drops significantly, the temperature of the environment where the laser water cooler is located is too low, which may cause the water cooler to malfunction and the pipeline to freeze. The density of ice is less than that of water, which will cause the water cooler and the laser to expand due to volume And cause the cooling water pipeline to rupture or deform, resulting in major damage to related core components.


1.Basic measures to prevent freezing


In order to avoid damage to the laser, output head, and water chiller caused by the solidification of the cooling liquid, the following 3 solutions are recommended:
1. Ensure that the factory will never shut down the water cooler at night to ensure that the coolant is in a circulating state (the water tank should be turned off and restarted for the next day of work, and the water tank does not have the function of constant temperature secondary heating).
2. Drain the cooling liquid in the laser, laser output head, and water cooler after daily use.
3. Use the antifreeze specified by the laser manufacturer as the coolant.


2. Cooling water emptying method

Open the drain valve of the chiller to drain all the water. Take the filter element out to drain, because this part of the water cannot be discharged to prevent freezing and breaking the shell. For some water that is not easy to discharge, it needs to be blown off with compressed air (ensure that the gas pressure is less than 0.3MPA) and pay attention to the direction of the water in and out. “in” is the inlet, and “out” is the outlet. You must ventilate to the inlet, and pay attention to when you pull out the water pipe Good mark to prevent reverse during installation (some brand lasers have solenoid valves inside to drain water only when they are energized.)

Note: The laser, laser output head, cutting head and all cooling water in the water cooler must be cleaned to effectively protect the entire set of water cooling pipelines and related components!



3.Ensure that the water tank is clean

1. Drain the used water to clean the inner wall of the water tank and filter, add clean water to rinse to wash away the stains;
2. Remove the filter element water cup to clean the water cup and replace the filter element (note whether the filter element water cup has a sealing ring and do not lose it)
3. Any antifreeze can not completely replace deionized water and can not be used for a long time throughout the year.After winter, the pipeline must be cleaned with deionized or distilled water, and deionized or distilled water must be used as the coolant.



When the use environment is often powered off and does not have the conditions for the daily coolant to be drained, you must add KRRASS’s Antifrogen®N antifreeze, the addition ratio is 3:7 (3 is antifreeze, 7 is water), after adding the antifreeze Can resist -20℃ without freezing.


Antifreeze can only be used to prevent icing and cannot be absolute. If possible, we still recommend improving the electricity environment and keeping the water cooler from shutting down.
If the laser cutting machine is not used for a long time, as long as the cooling water passes through, especially the cooling water inside the laser and in the pipeline, it must be thoroughly cleaned.


Hope the above measures will help you.

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