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Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine in tube cutting

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Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine in tube cutting


With the development of China’s manufacturing industry has made remarkable achievements. In the field of sheet metal processing in China, the output and consumption level of metal tubes have been greatly improved. The market prospect is very good, and the potential market share is huge. In this situation, the emergence of metal tube laser cutting machine is also loved by the majority of customers, Optical fiber laser cutting machine for metal professional pipe is also popularized in the field of sheet metal processing at a fast speed. With the development of computer numerical control technology, its advantage of intelligence has been enlarged, and it has become the mainstream way of pipe cutting.

Metal tube is widely used in aircraft manufacturing, engineering machinery, automobile industry, petrochemical industry, agricultural machinery and other industries. Due to different application scenarios, it needs to be processed into different shapes and sizes of parts to meet the needs of different industries. Laser can cut holes, slits and profiles on the surface of metal pipes, and the accuracy of the equipment is significantly improved.

1. High precision: traditional pipe cutting adopts manual method, so each cutting part is different. Laser processing adopts the same set of fixture system, processing design is completed by programming software, and multi-step processing is completed at one time, with high precision. In modern manufacturing industry, precision is very important. Laser processing makes every part have the same size.

2. High speed: laser can cut several meters of pipe in one minute, hundreds of times more than the traditional manual way, which means that laser processing is highly efficient.

3. Flexibility: laser can process all kinds of shapes flexibly, which allows designers to carry out complex design, which is unimaginable under traditional processing methods.

4. Batch processing: the standard pipe length is 6 meters, the traditional processing method requires very heavy clamping, and laser processing can be very simple to complete several meters of pipe clamping positioning, which makes batch processing possible.

And many customers also reflect that in the actual processing process, in addition to the standard round pipe cutting, there are many special-shaped pipe cutting, and many customers are always worried about whether the pipe laser cutting machine can cut the special-shaped pipe. In fact, this worry is totally superfluous, because at the beginning of the design, the pipe laser cutting machine has taken into account the different sizes, the size of the pipe, the thickness of the pipe, the thickness of the pipe and the thickness of the pipe For different specifications of metal pipes, the electric clamping chuck is adopted, which can automatically clamp different specifications and different types of square pipes, round pipes and special-shaped pipes, so the cutting scope is more extensive.

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