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Introduction of fiber laser cutting machine cutting principle, cutting process, cutting thickness, etc.

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Introduction of fiber laser cutting machine cutting principle, cutting process, cutting thickness, etc.


Laser cutting machines are more and more widely used in daily life and production. Today, Tianhong Laser Editor will take you to know these basic knowledge points of laser cutting machine equipment.

fiber laser cutting machine cutting principle


The basic principle of the fiber laser cutting machine is: focus the laser on the material, locally heat the material until it exceeds the melting point, and then use the coaxial high-pressure gas or the generated metal vapor pressure to blow away the molten metal, as the beam is relatively linear with the material Move, so that the hole continuously forms a very narrow slit.

Follow-up system

In a large-format laser cutting machine, the processing height in different places is slightly different, causing the surface of the material to deviate from the focal length, so that the spot size and power density are different in different places, and the laser cutting quality of different cutting positions is very inconsistent , Can not meet the quality requirements of laser cutting.

The cutting head adopts a follow-up system to ensure that the height of the cutting head is consistent with the cutting material, thereby ensuring the cutting effect.

Auxiliary gas

During the cutting process, auxiliary gas suitable for the material to be cut must be added. In addition to blowing away the slag in the slit, the coaxial gas can also cool the surface of the processed object, reduce the heat-affected zone, cool the focusing lens, and prevent smoke and dust from entering the lens holder to pollute the lens and cause the lens to overheat. The choice of gas pressure and type has a greater impact on cutting. Common gases are: air, oxygen, and nitrogen.

fiber laser cutting machine

The cutting process of fiber laser cutting machine is related to the following factors:

Laser mode, laser power, focus position, nozzle height, nozzle diameter, auxiliary gas, auxiliary gas purity, auxiliary gas flow, auxiliary gas pressure, cutting speed, sheet speed, sheet surface quality

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