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Advantages and applications of Fiber laser cutting machine

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Advantages and applications of Fiber laser cutting machine

The advantages and applications of laser cutting machines; in recent years, due to the needs of environmental protection and energy saving, in order to save the driving energy of the car body, automobile lightweight has become the trend of the development of the world’s automobiles. In order to reduce their own weight, civilian cars, high-speed rail car bodies, etc. use a large number of aluminum alloy profiles and plates, and the commonly used cutting method for such materials is laser cutting machines.

Laser cutting machine coaxial composite welding technology is a combination of two high-energy beam welding methods of laser and plasma arc to form a new type of high energy density heat source and a new method of welding a variety of metal materials. This technology has the advantages of laser and plasma welding alone, while overcoming the shortcomings of single laser welding, such as high residual stress and many weld pore defects, it also overcomes the weaknesses of low plasma arc welding efficiency and large thermal deformation of the workpiece .

The types of joints that the laser cutting machine compound welding technology is suitable for include butt welding, lap welding, stack welding (seam welding), and lap butt combination. Butt welding is a very common form of joint, commonly used for the connection between plates. From a mechanical point of view, it is an ideal joint type, with better stress conditions, less stress concentration, and can withstand larger static or dynamic loads. It is the joint type most used in welded structures. However, this method requires relatively strict heat input in the welding process. The common welding method is very easy to cause excessive heat input and cause deformation of the component. The laser plasma composite welding technology has a small heat input (higher welding speed determines the unit The amount of heat input in the time is small), it is not easy to deform, and the welding quality is good. The gap adaptability requirement is several times larger than that of single-beam laser welding. It is suitable for butt welding of thin plates.

Lap welding refers to a welding structure in which one board is placed on another board and is not on a plane after welding. This type of method is more commonly used in the welding of automobile body-in-white. Due to the high reflectivity of the aluminum alloy to the laser and the high thermal conductivity of the material, the single-beam laser cannot achieve self-melting lap welds. However, if the high-power laser wire welding is used, there are also defects: part of the energy of the laser is used to melt the welding wire to form the weld, and the other part is used to melt the base material. The laser energy absorbed when the molten pool formed by the melting wire fluctuates also With this change, at this time, part of the laser energy of the molten wire will suddenly enter the weld base material, causing excessive energy to form a through-type air hole, which becomes a weld defect. The laser plasma composite welding process is used to weld the lap welds of aluminum alloy thin plates. The plasma arc energy can effectively melt the metal at the corners of the lap welds and spread to form a continuous lap weld. The role of the laser beam makes the welding Slit in the lower plate has a certain penetration depth, forming a reliable connection effect.

Laser cutting machine composite lap self-fusion welding can replace the existing resistance spot welding and gluing traditional body manufacturing process, the welding seam strength is greater than the fiber brazing welding seam, the welding seam connection width and surface over-molding effect meet the car body Manufacturing requirements, continuous welds can improve the overall strength and rigidity of the whole car body, improve the sealing effect of the car body, and improve the anti-fatigue ability and anti-vibration ability of the car body.

Stack welding (seam welding) is to overlap two boards together, and there can be a close gap between the two boards. When welding, only one side is welded, so that the molten pool penetrates the upper plate, melts a part of the lower plate, and connects the two pieces to be welded. This technology can replace a part of the lap weld, and can also firmly connect the ribs in a small space. The laser plasma stack welding technology has the advantages of fast welding speed, the width of the welding seam of the upper and lower plates is larger than that of conventional laser welding, the appropriate gap between the plates can be welded, the deformation after welding is small, and the penetration distance is large.

The laser welding machine composite welding technology can be used in many fields, such as welding of car bodies, frames and chassis in automobile manufacturing; welding of high-speed rail, subway ceilings, side walls, floors, frames, etc.; for new structures of ships Materials-Welding of metal sandwich plates, etc. The metal sandwich plate can be used in different parts of the ship structure, and has various functions such as weight reduction, center of gravity reduction, space saving, shortening construction period, heat insulation, noise reduction, and fire.

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