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High power 4000W fiber laser cutting machine

Factory Price | China 4kw~12kw fiber laser cutting machine supplier

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Factory Price |China 4kw~12kw fiber laser cutting machine supplier


The high-power-6000w fiber laser cutting machine is an upgraded product of the full-protected fiber laser cutting machine. It is suitable for high-power fiber lasers, which has faster cutting speed and thicker cutting thickness. The operating system configuration is higher, the safety performance is higher, the stability performance is higher, and the accuracy is higher. It also uses a fully enclosed laser protective cover, is equipped with a special laser protective glass observation window, and is equipped with a scientific smoke recovery and purification system, and the overall appearance is , Safety and environmental protection; At the same time, it is equipped with a dedicated exchange platform, which has fast exchange speed, convenient loading and unloading, and high processing efficiency. It is a high-end sheet laser cutting special equipment and the first choice for high-end manufacturing enterprises.


High power fiber laser cutting machine
High power fiber laser cutting machine


safety mask


Large enclosure protective cover

·The thickness of the sheet metal is 1.5-3mm, the shell is not easy to deform, and the body is tougher.

·The inner side of the organ cover is heightened and elongated, which can effectively prevent sparks from splashing to the organ cover, greatly extending its service life and reducing customer use costs.

·European CE standard OD4+ level protective glass observation window, laser protection level is high, to prevent laser damage to personnel and ensure personal safety.

surveillance system

·The rear camera of the outer cover is convenient for the operator to monitor the side and rear dynamics in real time.

·The protective cover has a built-in camera to monitor the machine without stopping the machine during operation, which is convenient for operators to observe the cutting process in real time.


4th generation PLUS aviation aluminum beam


High strength, good dynamic performance, more stable

The 4th generation PLUS beam: select 6-series aviation aluminum alloy, which is the material for manufacturing aviation flight devices, with light weight, high strength, and good dynamic performance of the beam; it is extruded by a thousand-ton extrusion equipment, with uniform density, no porosity and no Defects such as trachoma, light weight and high strength material properties ensure the overall performance of the beam.


High-speed precise cutting


The beam structure optimized by finite element analysis is based on the metal properties of aluminum alloy, is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and high-rigidity, ensuring high-speed motion during laser processing, and can achieve high-speed cutting of various graphics under the condition of meeting accuracy.

More efficient

Aluminum profile beams for the aviation industry can allow the equipment to have efficient dynamic performance, greatly improve processing efficiency, and ensure processing quality.


Pretzert laser head


Big name first choice, high degree of automation

Humanized, convenient and worry-free

The focus adjustment range of the Pretzert laser head is +15 ~ -30mm, and the accuracy can reach 0.01mm. Automatic focusing makes the cutting system more automated.

· Lightweight design and fast acceleration

· Data monitoring

· Auto focus

· Running status LED indicator

· 0 drift distance sensor

· Rapid cooling technology

· Continuous monitoring of protective lenses

· Closed light path protection


Iso-strength butt welding machine bed for super heavy plate


·The high-strength steel plate welding bed uses groove welding technology to achieve equal-strength welding (butt joint) between steel plates;

·The mechanical properties of the welded joint (especially the tensile strength) are equivalent to that of the base metal, and the welded joint will not tear;

·After the internal stress annealing process, the machine bed is durable and hardly deformed.


Sanmples presentation

Samples presentation
Samples presentation


Nanjing Klaus CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. (KRRASS) is a professional fiber laser cutting machine supplier,and a cooperative company with Singapore’s KRRAS, which is dedicated to development, production and sales of sheet metal equipment with over 200 years of history.y KRRAS was formerly known as GMS and so far has set up branches in China, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Thailand and Malaysia to sell products and provide services throughout the world.

KRRASS provides you with sheet metal integrated solutions, specifically for the field of sheet metal machinery manufacturing, consistently providing customers with stable and reliable products and thoughtful services;

We are dedicated, spare no effort to improve products, lead the way of innovation, and create a new situation in the CNC sheet metal machinery industry.


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