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Guide for Laser Maintenance and Daily Use – 2021 Updated

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Guide for Fiber Laser Maintenance and Daily Use – 2021 Updated


As one of the core parts of the fiber laser cutter, the importance of the fiber laser is self-evident. Only correct use and regular maintenance can affect the service life of the laser as much as possible, and ensure the processing quality. Here, after consulting with KRRASS engineers, I compiled some suggestions for daily use and maintenance of the fiber laser, and it is recommended to collect.


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Precautions for Daily Use of Lasers


  • Air open dehumidification

Before starting to use the laser, turn on the air switch half an hour in advance for the laser with air conditioner and turn the key switch to the “OFF” position so that the air conditioner can dehumidify the inside of the laser. Then turn on the chiller and use the host computer software to monitor to ensure Use the machine after the temperature and humidity meet the requirements.


  • Check the lens

For the cutting head with monitoring software, check the cleanliness of the lens inside the cutting head (especially the lower protective lens), the beam coaxial meets the requirements, and you can also check the light spot by observing the photo paper.

  • Blow check

Confirm that the gas circuit is working properly and the air pressure at the cutting head meets the required parameters.


  • Nozzle check

Check the cleanliness of the nozzle and calibrate and adjust before starting to use.


  • Regular cleaning

According to the frequency of machine use, clean the dust on the cutting head every 2~3 days.


  • Security

During the operation, you must wear protective glasses above 0D4+, dust masks and gloves.


  • Power-off operation

When replacing nozzles and other operations on the cutting head, make sure that the laser is powered off before operating.


  • Shutdown sequence

After the work is over, turn off the laser key switch, and then turn off the chiller switch. For lasers with air conditioning, turn the laser switch to the “OFF” position and wait for about 20 minutes after the laser air conditioning continues, then cut off the entire power supply. The cutting head is parked at the zero point of the machine tool or a convenient position for operation.


Precautions for Fiber Laser Maintenance


  • Stand alone

Medium and high power lasers are recommended to be placed in an independent room with air-conditioning and temperature and humidity monitoring to maximize the life of the laser.


  • Temperature and humidity balance

When the fiber laser is running in summer or an external environment with high humidity, the set temperature of the water cooler needs to be adjusted according to the environmental humidity. For specific temperature settings, please refer to the manual or consult KRRASS engineers. (Temperature 25 degrees, humidity greater than 80%; temperature 30 degrees, humidity greater than 60%; temperature 40 degrees, humidity greater than 40%).


Best water temperature for fiber laser


  • Antifreeze

When the ambient temperature of the equipment is between -10°C and 0°C, antifreeze must be used and replaced every two months;When the ambient temperature of the equipment is lower than -10°C, a dual-function water chiller must be used, and the cooling system must run uninterruptedly.


  • Cooling water inspection, filter cleaning

1)Every other week, check whether the water level of the water cooler’s water tank meets the requirements, and clean the dust on the air inlet filter of the water cooler.

2)Check once a month whether the water quality of the water cooler has changed, such as color, smell, etc.

3)The cooling water should be replaced according to the water quality, and the cooling water needs to be replaced every three months at the longest.

4)According to the water quality, check whether the filter is blocked (laser water inlet filter, water cooler filter), check whether the water cooler filter element is polluted, and the water cooler filter element needs to be replaced once at most half a year.


  • Lightning protection

In areas with frequent thunderstorms, it is necessary to prevent lightning strikes from damaging the laser. If possible, stop the laser and cut off the power supply in thunderstorms. If work is required in thunderstorms, ensure that the grounding of the plant meets the national safety standards. It is strictly forbidden to use iron rods or steel beams instead of grounding.


  • Keep clean

Under conditions, install the laser in a separate room or cabinet to protect the laser from dust and other pollution; if objective conditions do not allow, try to place the laser in a place with less dust, and simply clean the laser housing every week. For air-conditioned lasers, clean the air-conditioning filter and air inlet and outlet every week.


The above is the guide for daily use and maintenance of fiber laser, thank you for your reading.


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