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High-power 8025/6025/6020 wide-format 8000W Fiber laser cutting machine “Digital Intelligence” set sail

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High-power 8025/6025/6020 wide-format 8000W Fiber laser cutting machine “Digital Intelligence” set sail

The RAS Laser series of large-format high-power laser cutting machines are fully upgraded on the basis of the original RASC series, and have achieved breakthrough progress in design concepts and processing performance. The whole machine complies with European and American safety design standards, fully enclosed design, and Class1 protection level (GB/T 7247) (EN 60825-1). This series of cutting machines has a 360° non-dead angle intelligent processing monitoring system, using 1.5G acceleration, cutting 820 2mm round holes per minute, perfect cutting precision and small contours, easily coping with various metal sheet processing above 40mm, using imported high-precision rolling Guides, precision racks, reducers and other industry top configuration, welcome new and old users at home and abroad to order.

Advantages of Fiber laser cutting machine

360° intelligent processing monitoring: Hugong’s unique skill, millisecond-level high-speed update of the cutting head built-in sensor status

RAS laser series products, after years of technology accumulation and joint development with the upstream supply chain, have realized the seamless docking and deep integration of laser cutting machine optomechanical software technology.

The unique ultra-high-power intelligent processing monitoring technology refreshes the state of the cutting head’s built-in sensors at millisecond-level high-speed during the cutting process, and monitors all optical lens temperatures, focus positions, and reflection values ​​and other important parameters in a timely manner. And prefabricated logic in the system, so as to avoid improper setting of cutting parameters, which will cause the workpiece to be scrapped or even damage the cutting machine itself.

Pay attention to user needs to solve user pain points, and truly realize ultra-high power laser safe processing.

High dynamic cutting by laser cutting machine: 1.5G acceleration, 820 2mm round holes per minute

RAS Laser is equipped with a first-line brand high-dynamic servo drive system, with a high-rigidity bed and transmission design, the maximum acceleration can reach 1.5G, of which the HG Laser 3015 model can cut 820 2mm round holes per minute, creating the highest level among domestic mass-produced models. With industry records, the accuracy of high-speed machining parts is still stable and reliable, maximizing the cutting efficiency of the laser.

Class1 protection, circuit interlock

Despite the fierce competition in the industry, Hugong laser equipment still insists on quality as the core. The whole machine adopts a fully enclosed design, Class1 protection (GB/T 7247) (EN 60825-1) and is equipped with a radiation-proof observation window dual-channel safety switch High-speed safety relays, electrical isolation transformers, 1080P high-definition video surveillance systems and other multiple safety measures. Maximum isolation of laser radiation and prevention of mechanical and electric shock injuries. At the same time, the equipment has a large number of built-in sensors and safety circuits to protect people and equipment.

laser cutting machine head

Ultra-high precision: can perfectly cut fine and small contours

Laser cutting machine as a precision equipment combined with electromechanical soft is different from FMCG. As an important investment of user enterprises, its use must be durable and reliable, and its processing accuracy must be stable for a long time. Hugong laser processing equipment structural parts are processed by imported large-scale high-precision 5-hedron machining center. Hugong Group has full-process processing equipment and testing equipment from metal raw materials to the complete cutting machine. It also has a complete manufacturing process. Each product is checked at various levels and strives for perfection to ensure that each piece of equipment delivered by Hugong to customers The accuracy of long-term operation is still stable.

Ultra-high-power full-load cutting: easily handle all kinds of metal plates above 40mm

The KRRASS intelligent cutting head has a fast focus automatic adjustment function, and also has a full information status feedback function. The punching speed is fast, and the high-precision servo proportional valve equipped with the Hugong laser equipment can achieve high-quality cutting sections. It can be adapted to long-term full power cutting with 10,000 watt lasers. High beam quality lasers, with unique cutting head optical solutions and gas control systems, can easily cope with the cutting of large parts such as carbon steel plates and stainless steels of more than 40mm, escorting users for high-efficiency and high-quality continuous production.

RAS Laser series laser cutting machine, as the main model of the laser cutting products in Shanghai, each material is carefully selected, which condenses a lot of hard work of the technical staff and supply chain of Shanghai. The entire series adopts industry-leading configuration such as imported high-precision rolling guides, precision racks and reducers.

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