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How much is a 2000W fiber laser cutting machine?

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How much is a 2000W fiber laser cutting machine?

1. What is the price of 2000W laser cutting machine?

The question of how much fiber laser cutting machine is has always been a problem that plagues many of our buyers, and it is a problem of special concern, so how much is a fiber laser cutting machine? Wuhan Huayu, a professional manufacturer of medium and low power fiber laser cutting machines Cheng CNC next will provide you with some analysis on how much a fiber laser cutting machine is, and hope to help you.

2. How to choose a laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser cutting machine is no longer unfamiliar, because many industries have used it and have seen it. With the development of laser technology and the gradual increase in industry demand, fiber laser cutting machines are also used by many companies as the first choice for metal material processing. We all know that fiber laser cutting machines are used for cutting metal materials. When choosing a laser laser cutting machine, you also need to consider the cutting material. Stainless steel, carbon steel and other materials are selected according to the thickness of the fiber laser cutting machine. There is also a difference when the thickness is less than 3mm. Generally, a laser mixed cutting machine can be considered for thin plates below 3mm, which can be cut and the speed will not be particularly slow, and if it is thicker, it is recommended to choose a fiber laser cutting machine. From the cutting cost to the process effect, This choice is scientific and reasonable.

3.Why choose a laser cutting machine?

Why choose fiber laser cutting machine? Are there any advantages of fiber laser cutting machine? What is the advantage of fiber laser cutting machine for processing metal? Traditional stainless steel cutting machines are expensive and have unsatisfactory results. Many high-precision workpieces have greater loss. As another option for cutting metal sheets, fiber laser cutting machines occupy a large proportion in the modern market. It transmits laser through optical fiber, which is more extensible than other laser machines, can be processed continuously, has good stability, and has low maintenance cost. It is especially suitable for all aspects of the needs of enterprises for industrial production. The stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high precision and fast speed. The cutting object is mainly aimed at the precision cutting of metal plates below 3mm, and the speed is fast.

4.How to choose the power of laser cutting machine?

In terms of various sheet metal components, usually a 2000w fiber laser cutting machine can be used for thin plates below 12mm, and the cutting speed of 6mm carbon steel can reach 5-6 meters per minute, which is equivalent to a 4000w carbon dioxide laser cutting machine. When choosing laser equipment, we should follow the mature and stable equipment on the market, so the price deviation is small.

5. The production cost of the laser cutting machine?

In terms of production cost, the price of fiber laser cutting machine will not be too cheap. The main components of fiber laser cutting machine are all factors that affect the price. We do not recommend buyers to choose equipment with poor brands. The quality of accessories directly affects the equipment. The cost and efficiency of the work, some components are even more affected by the whole body, in order to save money, it is not worth the loss to choose a poorly configured fiber laser cutting machine.

6. The working cost of the laser cutting machine?

In terms of equipment operating costs, the electro-optical conversion rate of the fiber laser cutting machine is three times that of carbon dioxide, and the power consumption is much lower than that of the carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, which saves a lot of costs for enterprises. The operating cost after purchasing the equipment should also be taken into consideration by the purchaser.

7. The use of laser cutting machine?

Generally speaking, fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in the metal industry and have obvious processing advantages. When choosing equipment, we must take a long-term view. The price of laser equipment is an important reference standard, but we should give the equipment Only by keeping up with the development of the market can we reflect higher value with the benefits we create.

The price of the specific fiber laser cutting machine requires us to determine how much power and large format equipment you need, you may wish to leave us a message, and we will give you a satisfactory answer!

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