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Europe Standard-KRRASS 6000W fiber laser cutting machine for sale|CNC laser cutter

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Europe Standard-KRRASS 6000W fiber laser cutting machine for sale|CNC laser cutter



Use Advantages of KRRASS 6000W fiber laser cutting machine:

Low cost, low power consumption cost, can blow air to cut various metal sheets.

The cutting speed is fast, the interchangeable worktable has high loading and unloading efficiency and saves labor.

The spot quality is good, the distortion is small, the appearance is smooth and beautiful.

Imported servo motor and oriented transmission mechanism are adopted, and the cutting precision is high.

Using professional software, various circles or characters can be designed at will for instant processing, flexible processing, simple and convenient operation.

Higher stability, using imported light laser, stable performance, service life of key components up to 100,000 hours, and maintenance-free laser.

Lower maintenance cost, no laser working gas: light transmission, no need for reflective lenses, which can save a lot of maintenance costs.

The product is easy to operate and maintain, light transmission, no need to adjust the light path.

Technical parameters (such as technical standards for materials, processes, dimensions, etc.)
Processing area 3000mm*1500mm, 3000mm*2000mm, 4000mm*1500mm

4000mm*2000mm, 6000mm*2000mm

Running speed 1200m/min

 Laser power 500W/700W/1000W/1500W/2000W/2400W/3000W/4000W/5000W

transmission mode precision rack double drive

Drive mode Servo drive

Support circular format PLT, DXF, IGS, AI

Working voltage 380V/50Hz

Equipment power <20KW

Working environment 5-45℃ Humidity ≤80%, no condensation

Feeding method, fully automatic interchangeable worktable

Sheet positioning, automatic edge finding and positioning


Instructions for use (e.g. place of use, working principle, product structure, safe operation instructions, etc.)

1. The protective lens in the laser head of the laser cutting machine is checked once a day. When the collimator or focusing lens needs to be disassembled, record the disassembly process, pay special attention to the installation direction of the lens, and do not install it wrong;

2. Before turning on the power supply of the water chiller, check the water level of the water chiller. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the water chiller when there is no water or the water level is too low to avoid damage to the water cooling equipment. It is strictly forbidden to squeeze and step on the water inlet and outlet pipes of the water cooler to keep the waterway unblocked;

3. The operator of the laser cutting machine or the person approaching the laser during the use of the laser should wear appropriate laser protective glasses and protective clothing. In the area of ​​the protective glasses, there must be good indoor lighting to ensure The operator operates smoothly;

4. When using gas cylinders, avoid crushing wires, water pipes and air pipes to avoid electric leakage, water leakage and air leakage. The use and transportation of gas cylinders should comply with gas cylinder supervision regulations. It is forbidden to explode gas cylinders in the sun or close to heat sources. When opening the bottle valve, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle mouth;

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