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Laser cutting machine 3000W IPG price?

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Laser cutting machine 3000W price?

1.3000W laser cutting machine price?

3000W laser cutting machine is very popular in the market now. As an emerging process in recent years, laser cutting machine has unparalleled flexibility in metal processing. It is one of the most important equipments in metal processing. For sheet metal processing technology, most metal materials can be precisely cut by laser equipment, such as stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, etc. More and more companies see the advantages of laser cutting machines, so they plan to purchase Fiber laser cutting machine is put into production, and during the purchase process, “how much is a 3000W laser cutting machine?” has become a topic that many customers are particularly concerned about.

2. What is the cutting capacity of 3000W laser cutting machine?

In fact, the price of the machine is mainly determined by different powers, and machines of different powers often show different effects when facing different types of metal plates. Like the 3000W laser cutting machine, it can cut stainless steel 12mm thick, carbon steel 22mm thick, aluminum 12mm thick, copper 8mm thick. Of course, it also depends on the brand of the laser cutting machine, the size of the brand determines the price of the equipment; the machine format and the standard size are the specifications that the manufacturer has always produced. The customized format is more expensive than the standard format; other key zeros of the laser cutting machine Parts etc.

3. 3000W laser cutting machine brand choice?

There are many different brands of laser cutting machines on the market, and the prices vary. Users need to be reminded that when buying a laser cutting machine, they must find their own positioning, choose the brand of laser cutting machine according to their own needs, pay attention to whether the selected manufacturer has perfect after-sales service, and refer to and compare to find the right one. device of. KRRASS laser is worth your choice.

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