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fiber laser cutting machine

How to buy a fiber laser cutting machine

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How to buy a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

How to buy a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Especially in the past two years, the conversion of old and new kinetic energy and changes in old and new processing methods across the country have made laser cutting machines hot in actual production and application. There are hundreds of domestic manufacturers, large and small, how Choose a laser cutting machine that is cost-effective and suitable for you?

First of all, what are the important factors that affect the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine? I think there are three points, the laser head, the laser operating system and the overall bed. These points must be considered in terms of hardware. Especially for lasers, at present, large manufacturers will choose imported lasers as accessories for high-power equipment. Good domestic brands are nothing more than Chuangxin and Ruike, and some small factories will be patchy and uneven. At present, large manufacturers will develop their own lathes, laser heads and basic operating systems to carry out secondary research and development to enhance competitiveness.

Secondly, we should pay attention to the overall structure and technological level of the product. The overall structure of laser machinery and equipment tends to be refined, that is, the volume of products is getting smaller and smaller, and the accuracy of products is getting higher and higher. For example, the things that laser cutting machines can cut are getting smaller and finer. . At the same time, the process of the product also needs to be improved, because the current laser equipment must be able to handle more difficult tasks, so the process must not only be mature but also have a breakthrough.

Finally, pay attention to cost performance when looking at laser machine equipment. Choosing products with high cost performance has always been our pursuit, but we cannot just focus on price and ignore quality, we must have both. It is recommended that buyers should refer to the scope of use and the working intensity of the machine when selecting products. As long as they can meet the applicable needs and the product quality is guaranteed, especially after-sales, various problems will occur during the use process. After-sales service can reduce costs and improve processing efficiency.

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