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4000W fiber laser cutting machine,China manufacture sell directly

In stock-4000W fiber laser cutting machine for sale,China top manufactrure sell directly

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In stock-4000W fiber laser cutting machine for sale,China top manufactrure sell directly


Working range: 4000x2000mm

Laser power: 4000W-12000W

Dimensions: 12000x3500x2200mm


Production Overview

  • Gas pressure regulating servo control system

The servo system of the G4020T  4000W fiber laser cutting machine automatically controls the cutting auxiliary gas pressure without manual manual adjustment, which effectively reduces the amount of cutting gas used when the equipment is running dry and reduces the cost of gas use.


  • Beckhoff Control System(optional)

This 4000W fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with German Beckhoff control system, adopts EtherCAT communication protocol, real-time control (Realtime control), and Beckhoff open control platform, high processing efficiency. More solutions can be customized for customers .


  • Fully enclosed external protection device

It adopts a fully enclosed external protection design, is equipped with a CE safety protective glass safety window, and a safety interlock design. It is designed in full accordance with European safety standards. The safety level is high and meets the radiation of GB-7247 laser products. Security” requirements.


  • High torque integrated direct drive system

Adopting bilateral drive structure, adopts imported high-precision rack and pinion and linear guide system, with high installation accuracy, large transmission torque, small transmission error, and good dynamic characteristics. It is driven by an integrated direct drive motor and equipped with laser Welding gears, the cumulative error is reduced by 80%.


Performance and Features


1.Adopt new IPG imported laser, with good beam quality, high power stability, low power consumption and long service life;2.Equipped with German Precitec automatic focus cutting head, embedded process database, simple and intelligent operation;

3.The key components adopt all-German accessories, high-end configuration, good stability and durability;

4.The equipment adopts a gantry structure, a high-strength welded frame, and the overall stress relief treatment, with good rigidity and small deformation;

5.Comply with ergonomic design, equipped with intelligent operation terminal, friendly interface, simple and easy to learn;

6.Optional domestic first CCD eagle-eye recognition technology, optical-eye edge search, extremely fast. Supports secondary cutting function, secondary processing is easy, and waste cutting can also be handled freely;

7.The self-developed variable frequency cutting zoom perforation technology ensures high-efficiency and high-quality processing of plates of different thicknesses and materials. All process parameters can be fully digitally controlled, which greatly reduces manual intervention, is intelligent and simple to operate, is equipped with automatic energy-saving devices, and the equipment is suspended After working for more than 5 minutes, the machine tool will automatically enter the sleep state;

8.Exclusive patented automatic lifting exchange table, high synchronization integrated lifting feeding design, less failure points and high stability.

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