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What factors affect the metal laser cutting machine price?How we choose?

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Laser cutting machine equipment is one of the most representative intelligent processing equipment in the contemporary era. It has excellent processing effects and needs to be used in many fields. Often, a laser cutting machine can bring huge benefits to users. However, metal laser cutting machine price on the market today are different. Users often feel “dazzled” when choosing, so what factors affect the laser How should the user choose the metal laser cutting machine price?

How much a metal laser cutting machine costs is actually a relatively general question, because the price of metal laser cutting machines is very different because of different configurations, different manufacturers, and different degrees of automation. The factors affecting the quotation of metal laser cutting machines are as follows.


1. The brand of laser cutting machine

The size of the brand determines the price of the equipment, because the quality, performance, technology, and after-sales service of a large brand are much more secure than a small factory. These are an added value of the product and a common phenomenon in the laser cutting machine market. Therefore, the price of laser cutting machine of big brand will be higher than that of small brand.

2. The machine format

Laser cutting machine manufacturers generally have several specifications of standard format sizes. According to the special needs of customers, they can also customize non-standard machine tools that meet customer sizes. The standard size is the specification that the manufacturer has made all the time, and the non-standard size needs to be specially customized, so the customized format is more expensive than the standard format. The cutting machine format currently produced by Tianhong Laser generally has 3015, 4015, 4020, 6015, 6020, 6025, etc., which basically cover all processing needs on the market.


3. Laser brand

As we all know, the laser is the core optical component of the laser cutting machine. The brands of laser cutting machines are different, and the beam quality is also very different. The price of lasers also varies greatly from brand to brand. For example, Tianhong laser uses Raycus lasers and IPG lasers, while domestic lasers are relatively cheaper than imported ones. At present, imported lasers are superior to domestic lasers in terms of stability and beam quality.

4. Power

Manufacturers of the same brand, the higher the equipment power, the higher the price. Therefore, before making an inquiry, you must be clear about the material and thickness you want to cut, as well as your needs for cutting speed and capacity. At present, the power of laser equipment produced by KRRASS brand is 500W-12000W, which can meet your basic processing needs.


5. Other important parts of laser cutting machine


Other important parts such as guide rails, rack and pinion, servo motors, etc., their brand and quality are also the reasons for the price difference. Therefore, KRRASS reminds users that when buying a laser cutting machine, they must pay attention to the specific configuration of the equipment, and do not blindly be tempted by low prices. The important parts and components of krra KRRASS metal laser cutting machine adopt industry-leading brands, with guaranteed quality and trustworthy.

Generally speaking, brand awareness can easily induce customers to purchase laser cutting machines. In fact, when users choose laser cutting machines, they should combine the brand, power, and after-sales service. An excellent laser cutting machine manufacturer, in addition to having a good reputation, should also have more laser cutting machines with different powers for customers to choose according to their own needs. In addition, taking into account the use of equipment, good after-sales service is also essential, so that customers will feel a better service experience.

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