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How about Swiss raytools laser cutting head?

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How about Swiss raytools laser cutting head?

At present, there are many brands of laser cutting heads for laser cutting machines, including domestic and imported brands. For example, the imported brands that we are all familiar with include Precitec, Raytools, and domestic ones such as Spring and Wanshunxing. So, what Zhouxiang Laser will introduce to you today is the imported brand raytools cutting head.

What is the performance of the Swiss (raytools) laser cutting head, and is it effective? First of all, let us introduce its advantages:

1. Optimized optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design;
2. Knob type focus adjustment, fine and flexible adjustment, adjustable range 10~-15mm, adjustment accuracy 0.05mm;
3. A protective lens is added to the collimator lens, which can effectively prevent the damage caused by dust falling into the collimator lens;
4. Drawer type lens holder is used to make the replacement of protective lens, collimator lens and focusing lens quick and simple; 5. The nozzle assembly has a built-in annular air cooling and side blowing structure, which is beneficial for cutting high-reflection materials and sputtering of thick plate explosion-proof holes;
6. Both the collimator lens and the focusing lens have a water-cooled structure, so that they can withstand a maximum power of 6KW;
7. Both collimation and focusing can use composite lenses to obtain the best optical quality and cutting effect;
8. With multiple fiber interfaces, it can be adapted to various fiber lasers. The raytools laser cutting head has given it a high evaluation in the market, and it is superior to the previous cutting heads in terms of stability and sealing. Therefore, Ruituo laser cutting head is a product worthy of everyone’s trust!

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