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RAS-3015 1000W fiber laser cutting machine-Single platform, high configuration

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1000W fiber laser cutting machine

This 1000W fiber laser cutting machine (RAS-3015C) is a perfect standard plane laser cutting machine, which is popular in the industry.Pioneered simple and integrated integration design all over the world.The cast-aluminum beam is die-cast and molded with 10t of steel mould for the firsttime in the industry, with good rigidity and high strength, whose weight is 1/2 of that of the traditional welded iron beam.

Cutting speed140m/min
Laser sourceMax/IPG/Raycus 1000W Laser

Main features

  • The machine frame is precisely welded with carbon dioxide and high temperature annealing treatment to ensure that it does not deform during normal operation.
  • Imported high-precision ball screw drive and high-precision linear guide
  • Japanese servo motor and drive system, imported high-precision gearbox
  • Equipped with automatic lubrication device with dust removal and smoke exhaust system
  • Modular structure laser, high performance, maintenance-free
  • Professional laser cutting software, easy to operate, can easily design various graphics, text and cutting


MaterialsMaximum Thickness(mm)Can Cutting Thickness
Mild Steel1210
Stainless Steel65


1000W LaserMax/IPG/RaycusMax/IPG/Raycus
Special Precision Cutting HeadRoytools/WSXSwitzerland/China
Precise RackYYCTaiwan
Reducer (Including Gears)ShimpoJapan
Servo MotorAnd DrivePanasonicJapan
Linear Guild  Rail (Tool)HIWIN/PMITaiwan
Precision Ball Screw(Z-axis)HIWIN/TBITaiwan
Numerical Control SystemFScutChina
Electric ControlSchneiderFrance
Gas Circuit ControlSMCJapan
 Mechanical Platform And
 Accessories Of Tool
Water Chilling UnitStandardChina

1.The above-mentioned devices is our standard , if have some other requirements or options , please let us know.
2.Two years warranty for whole machine except fiber cable, lens, mirror and otherconsumable parts. Force majeure clause like natural disaster, war, human factor are also excluded

detailed introducton Of Main Configurations


Ganytry Body

Gantry machine body, designed and manufactured for the high speed movement.Twice of aging treatment of reinforcement welding machine body to ensure theprecision and stability of the long running. The rigidity is good, the higher acceleration can be accepted, the main body adopts the precise welding of steel structure, thestress failure treatment, the gantry milling of The heavy frame structure.

welding of main body
stress annealing
  • Welding of main body

The main body frame is welded with the carbon dioxide protection welding, with such advantages as stable welding process, free internal defect,minimum splash, etc. 

  • Stress annealing
The material stress resulting from welding is eliminated. A very large fuel heating annealing furnace is used to perform stress annealing for several body frames at 600℃ at the same time. 
rough machining
Eliminate internal welding stress
  • Rough machining
Rough machining is designed to quickly cut the workblank margin. When rough machining is performed, the large load and cutting depth as much as possible shall be chosen, so as to cut the cuttings as much as possible within a short period of time.


  • Vibration aging
Another method to eliminate the internal residual internal stress is as follows: When the vector sum of the residual internal stress in the workpiece,and ffectively eliminate internal welding stress and ensure long-term accuracy of the frame.
natural aging
precise processing
  • Natural aging

Place the body outdoors for more than one month.Eliminate the repetitive temperature stress causedfor several times to relieve the residual stress, obtainthe stable dimension accuracy,enhance the rigidityand enhance the deformation resistant capacity, soas to ensure the dimension stability of the body

  • Precise processing

The CNC pentahedral machining center is used tomachine the guide rail, rack, etc. which have high precision requirements to obtain the high quality installation base plane, so as to ensure the cutting accuracy of the tool.



The heavy-duty steel mold pressure casting is used.

  1. The mold cost is high and its service life is long;
  2. The liquid aluminum has good mobility,uniform density andhigh strength;
  1. Such casting defects as sand hole, etc. Are eliminated;
  2. The surface roughness is good and it isunnecessary to machine the non-mounting surface.The machining cost is low and the protective casting surface has high strength;
  1. The pressure casting wall thickness may reach 10mm, which does not impact the strength.Theweight is light, inertia is small and the dynamic performance is good

Cutting Head

cutting head

Light and precise focusing

  • Simple installation of cutting nozzle and edge piece
  • Built-in dual water system cooling system
  • The one-usage possibility accords with the individual lens type, provided optimum cutting effect for the parameters.


Panasonic servo motor

Panasonic a leader in electrical industrial manufacture and modern electrical systems.All electrical equipment meets worldquality standards with a high reliabilityand safety

Reducer Shimpo (Japan)

Japan shimpo reducer

Japan Shimpo was founded in 1946,which provides advanced cross-border technology solutions,apply for industrial transmission hubs all over the world.

The Japan Shimpo Reducer has high precision,high efficiency, wide application and so on.

Linear guide (Taiwan)

linear guide(Taiwan)

HIWIN is a Taiwanese company responsible for the production and development of linear guide.

  • High accurate
  • High hardness
  • Long-term operation without technical maintenance
  • Fast speed
  • Working efficiently
  • Low noise displacement

CypCut Software

Cypcut software

KRRASS RAS-Series is controlled by the CypCut 2000 system.In the PC database under Windows operating system.A Cutting system controls the laser source, cutting and motion processes.CypCut is the best cutting system designed specifically for cutting so far.

The management system iseasy to use and that is a completely unmarked interface.Database CypCut includes standard cutting parameters for common materials(carbon) steel, stainless steel, aluminum,etc.Moreover, these standard values caneasily improve the quality and save the cutting parameters.

Support available graphic fileformats :DXF, DWG, Al, automotive CAD,etc.Powerful tools are embedded in this project.Collect data about the workings of machines and systems.Realize remote diagnosis function.

Technical Control

KRRASS provides a complete cycle with strict checks at all stages.Before sending the machine to the customer, the factory engineer needs to perform multi-level diagnostic and matching checks on all laser equipment.

  • Temper at 600°C
  • Rack impact inspection
  • precision inspection
  • Accuracy of test parameters
  • Precision component strength test
  • Fiber laser radiation examination
  • Infrared measurement
  • Technician assembly technique
  • Structural drive adjustment
  • Test precision
  • Test laser interferometer
  • Set technical parameters
  • 72-hour test
  • 12 hours corresponding tests
  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Transportation
  • Customer receives machine

This is the detailed introduction of our 1000W fiebr laser cutting machine (RAS-3015C), if you are interested, welcome to consult!

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